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3D Meshes & Other 3D Art

BitTorrent Client Required

Any files available in this section are not hosted or stored on this web server and are only accessible through a magnet link by using a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent or a browser plugin such as Torrent Tornado for Firefox. Please seed the torrent(s)!

Axanar 3D Assets & Reference Images

An archive of the original Axanar 3D assets in untextured .obj format, including meshes for all primary Axanar space vehicles, as well as various reference material for surface textures and detailing. The .obj file format is a defacto industry standard and should allow for easy importing in to virtually any 3D modelling/rendering program, including the ability for easy conversion in to a 3D printable file format, such as .stl.

It's SCAVENGER HUNT (of sorts) time -- This file features basic encryption and the password is Alec Peters' most common prior (I hope, for his sake) widely used personal internet account password. The first person to guess the password and access the files, or gains access to the files by using any third-party 'password cracking' program for .rar files, wins bragging rights!
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